Sentence to think about :  Un enfant qui n'est pas né ne pleure pas encore.  A. E. Van Vogt (Les Joueurs du Ā)
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The Swallows of Bannes

Volatile music
for a strange bird

Martine & Philippe Cathé

V - Et ascendit in cæli

Birds lovers, pious (or pale)* birds,
on which they sometimes impale themselves.

(*) Joke. In French pious=pieux and pale=pieux.

No clef is used, a note is allocated to every line: the result is a suite of mélismes which we could say "ancient" by agreement. Given rhythm by an intermittent sicilian, the composition develops by sequences: a monodique, one in two voices, one in three voices; an imitative development by phrase; then a final harmonization of the subject in four voices.

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