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Food poetry



In 1982, the André Malraux community arts centre of Reims (now deceased) suggested me imagining a project of unique book. I conceived it and I accompanied it with some photos and with an estimate of realization. The estimate was considered too expensive and the project stayed non-realised.
Twenty four years later, a very banal stay in a supermarket reminds this project to me. It becomes a reality here and now. It takes a different shape but it stay in the same frame of mind.

Christian Soulignac
August, 2006


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Book of the week

Maurice Fourré
Une Conquête

Article sur l'ouvrage.

28 pages, format 16 x 25 cm.
letterpress composed
and handmade printed.
450 copies.
16 €

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Books of the week
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Raymond Callemin
à Arthur Mallet


8 pages, format 9,7 x 20 cm.
50 exemplaires.
45 €


le simplet


36 pages, format 14 x 14 cm.
100 exemplaires.
10 €


Un point
c'est tout

Un point c'est tout

36 pages, format 14,8 x 7 cm.
100 exemplaires.
5 €

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