Sentence to think about :  If you fall small tree you don't break neck as if you fall big tree.  Bela
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Alexandre de Tours
& Charles d'Écoman
Typotes XIXe siècle


156 pages,
format 15,2 x 22,8 cm.
Impression numérique.
15 €


Typos XIXe siècle


352 pages,
format 15,2 x 22,8 cm.
Impression numérique.
24 €


serait-il permis


16 pages,
format 10,5 x 7,4 cm.
100 exemplaires.

(cliquer sur les images
pour en savoir plus)

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Printed shortbread biscuit


Type case

Chapter 4
Type case of Commission

The gloss book

Baron Bulto
Carnet de Stresa


44 p., format 11 x 16 cm.
letterpress composed
and handmade printed.
250 copies.
15 €

(click on pict
for more)

General catalog
The gloss books
Typo and around

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... for those who are too lazy to seek.


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Fornax Blog (& archives) - The picture of the day...

The picture of the day...

Mis-spelling  -  by cls

Everything's going to hell...

The lack of education becomes widespread. Whether among the young people who take examinations or among the old folk who display it in the street.

Everybody knows that in French the noun "herbe" (grass, weed) is feminine. But it is not a reason to write its possessive "ma". Because of the hiatus, we have to write "mon". Everybody knows it...

Moreover what is below is a plant, not a weed!

ma herbe

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